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Welcome from the NECA Adviser

  This site is provided by NECA as part of the National Electricty Market dispute resolution service.

The NECA Dispute Resolution Adviser has been appointed by NECA to perform the functions set out in Chapter 8 of the National Electricity Code (The Code).

This web site contains documents and information that will help you navigate a dispute under Chapters 5 and 8 of the National Electricity Code. The process is divided into two stages: Stage 1 DMS and Stage 2 Adviser or DRP process. To go further you will require a password controlled by DMS contacts in each participant organisation. By centralising the access with the DMS contacts I hope to encourage organisations to use the DMS contact as a resource in managing disputes.

I assume that you will be using this site if you have a dispute and will want to look at an overview of the options and then all the materials relevant to the stage in which you find yourself. The materials are divided under:
  • Stage 1: Designing and Using a DMS
  • Stage 2: DRP and Adviser Process
  • Reports Sent to DMS Contacts.
Within each section we have links to forms, user notes and where relevant contact details and evaluations. All the documents have been developed in consultation with the DMS contacts and with the input of NECA's legal advisers.

Feedback on this site is appreciated to ensure that I can continuously improve the process and the documents.

Shirli Kirschner
NECA Dispute Resolution Adviser
Phone: 02 93806466
Mobile: 0411 380 380

 Shirli Kirschner

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